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The most charming wine event


Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Dalmatinska vinska izložba d.o.o.
tel: +385 1 3816202
fax: +385 1 3816951

Elvira Belović Ana Marija Jakopanec
Exhibitors coordinator:
Elvira Belović
mob. +385 99 7025 949
email. elvira@vinart.hr
Team coordinator:
Ana Marija Jakopanec
mob. +385 91 2567 213
email. anamarija@
Zoran Paunović Saša Špiranec Jure Andrijašević Dražan Dennis Šunjić
Zoran Paunović and Saša Špiranec
Team leaders
Jure Andrijašević
Logistic manager
Dražan Dennis Šunjić
Wine school
Ana Mihotić Anja Korda Bojan Šavrljuga Daniel Čačevac
Ana Mihotić and Anja Korda
Visual communication
Bojan Šavrljuga
Event manager
Daniel Čačevac
Sele and Wine party
Vedran Ramadanović Marijana Batinić
Vedran Ramadanović
Marijana Batinić

  • “I salute the efforts of the organizers who, with their dedication and effort, managed to bring to life a significant enogastronomy event. Being acquainted with one of the leading enogastronomy festivals in Dalmatia, I have decided to become the patron of the festival.”

    IVO JOSIPOVIĆ, President of the Republic of Croatia
  • “This festival is very significant to promoting the wine culture of Dalmatia.”

    MIKE MILJENKO GRGICH, renown Californian-Croatian wineproducer
  • “Dalmatia Wine Expo is an event that follows no pattern, and does this in a very becoming and professional manner. It might not be the biggest, but it certainly is the most charming wine event. ”

    LADA RADIN, journalist with gastro.hr
  • “I salute the fact that “Dalmatia Wine Expo” is held in Makarska. Wine industry holds a great potential for your country. I especially welcome the enthusiasm of organizers who initiated such a noble idea.”

  • “The best wine event in Dalmatia.”

    dr.sc. LEO GRACIN, wineproducer, assistant professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

http://youtu.be/VdWsb-e7u7I http://youtu.be/Uzm2Xd8BJoo http://youtu.be/9KL6DYVaHY4


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