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The most charming wine event

En primeur in Zagreb presents 57 wine producers of young malvazija and graševina

En primeur in Zagreb presents 57 wine producers of young malvazija and graševina

Challenging and interesting are the key terms used to describe the 2012 vintage of malvazija and graševina, presented at the en primeur held at the Zagreb hotel Esplanade last week.

Organized by the Vinistra Association, Vinistra Cluster – cluster for the promotion of Istrian wines and the Association Graševina Croatica, the tasting gathered 57 wine producers fromIstria, Slavonija and Podunavlje. They presented their young wines to professionals and visitors for the first time, together with some older vintages. Last year’s vintage was not one of the “self made” ones due to the challenging climate conditions, and the craftsmanship of enologists played a big role in wine production, making the significance of en primeur even greater, as it provided the opportunity to taste the wines and make early investment decisions. 

Vinistra Association held the first en primeur tasting last year, and this year it was joined by their Slavonian colleagues. This year, Vinistra gathered 37 wine producers. “En primeur helps us see which direction the vintage is taking. This is a process that serves as a quality decision-making mechanism on large global markets, concerning the purchase or reservation of individual wines”, said Ivica Matošević, the Chairman of Vinistra. “We share the same market and the same circumstances with the producers of graševina. This market is looking for new clients and we think that our joint presentation can inspire the culture of wine consumption,” he added.

Association Graševina Croatica gathered 20 of its members from Slavoniaand Podunavlje at the en primeur. “Presenting the vintage two to three months before it is launched on the market is extremely important. This makes it possible for buyers to concentrate on the vintage and talk about the previous year. The presented wines are a true portrait of the vintage and, save for clarity, they maintain all organoleptic properties,” said Vlado Krauthaker, the Chairman of the Association Graševina Croatica.

Presenting the Istrian vintage, Sandi Paris of the Croatian Sommelier Cluc accented that 2012 was warmer and drier, but this will not reflect poorly on the wines. “This last vintage is similar to the 2003 vintage. There was practically no rain from June to August. The yield was 25 percent lower. However, these data are not specific toCroatia. The entire Mediterranean, French and Italian regions also faced drought,” explainedParis, adding that the wine producers will manage making good wines in their cellars.  

Vlado Krauthaker stressed that the Slavonian harvest was one of the most specific ones that he can remember, with 30 to 50% lower yield. “The cellars will be empty and those with smaller quantities are sure to spend their reserves. The vine growing year in Kutjevo started at 22 degrees, with the spring freezing of early varieties, followed by drought in all ofCroatia. I must admit that in my entire career as a wine maker I have never been seen this many climate disasters in one year,” concluded Krauthaker.

En primeur is a common form of tasting inFranceand it provides the opportunity to taste wines in their early development stages and decide on the investment. 

  • “I salute the efforts of the organizers who, with their dedication and effort, managed to bring to life a significant enogastronomy event. Being acquainted with one of the leading enogastronomy festivals in Dalmatia, I have decided to become the patron of the festival.”

    IVO JOSIPOVIĆ, President of the Republic of Croatia
  • “This festival is very significant to promoting the wine culture of Dalmatia.”

    MIKE MILJENKO GRGICH, renown Californian-Croatian wineproducer
  • “Dalmatia Wine Expo is an event that follows no pattern, and does this in a very becoming and professional manner. It might not be the biggest, but it certainly is the most charming wine event. ”

    LADA RADIN, journalist with gastro.hr
  • “I salute the fact that “Dalmatia Wine Expo” is held in Makarska. Wine industry holds a great potential for your country. I especially welcome the enthusiasm of organizers who initiated such a noble idea.”

  • “The best wine event in Dalmatia.”

    dr.sc. LEO GRACIN, wineproducer, assistant professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology

http://youtu.be/VdWsb-e7u7I http://youtu.be/Uzm2Xd8BJoo http://youtu.be/9KL6DYVaHY4


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